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1.  How would you ask " ?"in English?

A.      What's the time?

B.      What is the hour?

C.      What time is it?

D.      Answers A and C are correct


2.  How would you say " 6"in English?

A.      Six

B.      It's six o' clock

C.      Six o' clock

D.      The time is six


3.  How would you say " "in English?

A.      Half eight

B.      Half past seven

C.      Half before nine

D.      Half past eight


4.  How would you say " "?

A.      A quarter to five

B.      Five quarters

C.      Four to five

D.      A quarter past five


5.  Read the time: 02:15

A.      A quarter past two

B.      Two fifteen

C.      Fifteen and two

D.      Answers A and B are correct


6.  Read the time: 05:02

A.      Five hundred and two

B.      Five oh two

C.      Two minutes to five

D.      Two minutes to five p.m.


7.  How would you say " "without () the word "evening" ()?

A.      Six in the night

B.      Six a.m.

C.      Six p.m.

D.      Six in the morning


8.  How would you ask " ?"in English?

A.      Which time should I drop by?

B.      At what time should I drop by?

C.      In what time should I drop by?

D.      On what time should I drop by?

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Daily word list:




= personality

= conversation

= question

= dark

= schoolgirl

= determination




(..) = to live on

= to attack

() = to move in

= to chat

\ = to open

\ = to close

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